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Cupcake- $15 Paypal or Cashapp This is a spider named Cupcake! As you can guess, she is obsessed with cupcakes. Even her hairstyle looks like a cupcake (you do normal space buns and put cupcake liner around it!)

Chip Red

Chip Red- $20 Paypal or Cashapp His name use to be Red, but he changed it to Chip after he found and tried chips when he was younger! After that he fell in love.


Maci- $10 Paypal or Cashapp This is Maci! Not much is to be said about her other than she loves to have her vibrant hair!


Gigi- $20 Paypal or Cashapp This is a walrus named Gigi! She is a curious gal who loves to adventure! Her curiosities get the best of her sometime. She has a fake ledge and bandages on her- along with an adventure bag.